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The use of rotary cultivator should not be ignored

At present, rotary tiller plays a more and more important role in agricultural production and life, and its application field is more and more extensive. Everyone knows the operation of the rotary cultivator is very simple, but use the note or not to ignore, must be in strict accordance with the instructions to operate, let's take a look at these easily neglected details.
The first is the startup problem. At the start of the unit of the rotary cultivator, one by one, the power of the output shaft is selected, and the appropriate work block is selected and then the clutch is slowly coupled. At the same time, the operator manipulates the hydraulic pressure to achieve the handle or device lift. In the formal operation, the rotary cultivator will gradually enter the soil, the work will be carried out slowly, and after the soil is completed, the accelerator can be increased until the appropriate rotation depth is reached. During the whole start-up process, it is important to prohibit the use of the rotary tiller on the ground and suddenly combine the ground force, or the device of the rotary tiller is rising sharply and sharply. Otherwise, it may or may cause the blade, the shaft of the knife to be impacted, and may even cause damage to the transmission of the rotary cultivator and tractor. Users are aware of these aspects and can start the rotary cultivator smoothly and minimize the damage to the rotary cultivator. 2. When the rotational tillage is too deep, the soil is sticky or hard, the tractor is black smoke and is accompanied by the slip phenomenon, it should be lowered or reduced or lowered into the lower gear.
Second, in the process of the rotary cultivator, it is important to remove the residue from the blade shaft or blade in time to avoid damage to the shaft of the cutter or to influence the tillage depth of the rotary cultivator. It is important to note that when the operator is clearing the weeds, the engine should be turned off to avoid damage to the staff. In addition, it is the handling of special situations in the work, including turning and crossing. In turn, the throttle should be reduced, so that the tail wheel and steering clutch should be coordinated and slow. It is forbidden to make sharp turns in the process, which may damage the parts. If used with the tractor, use the rotary tiller to prevent the blade from being twisted and the shaft of the knife damaged. Switch the handle to the separation position to avoid the personal damage caused by the tractor when the rotary cultivator has passed the stem.
In addition to the above two aspects, the user is in when using note also seriously listen to the voice of rotary cultivator working parts change, once found abnormal sound, should immediately stop for inspection, and troubleshooting, to facilitate continued operation
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